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Mortician, Funeral Director, Embalmer, or Undertaker?

Do you know what to call the person that helps oversee and plan a cremation or funeral? Mortician? Undertaker? Funeral director? If you answered no, or took a guess, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know what to call a funeral or cremation professional, and we don’t blame them. There are a lot of terms floating around for the same job, or even a few different jobs. Who do you call when you need funeral or cremation services in West Jordan, UT? Keep reading to learn the differences between morticians, funeral directors, embalmers and undertakers.

Let’s start with the basics. Funeral Director is the most modern, and correct, term for a professional in the industry. A funeral director is a funeral or cremation professional that helps arrange, plan and coordinate a funeral or cremation services. From funerals and visitations to memorials and wakes, funeral directors do a lot. They also commonly help prepare the body for a funeral or cremation, including placing the body in the casket or cremation container.

Funeral directors also have to be licensed according to local laws. This is especially true in states where the funeral director is legally responsible for making sure the crematory or funeral home is complying with all health, mortuary, and vital statistic laws of the area.

The terms undertaker and mortician are more antiquated but are pretty much synonymous with funeral director. Most funeral directors do not like being referred to as morticians or undertakers as those names are most associated with death and unpleasantness. In fact, the term funeral director really didn’t start taking hold until the early 1900s when industry professionals actively set out to change their name from undertaker to something new.

Embalmers are something completely different. An embalmer is the professional that is responsible for making sure the body is ready for burial. As the name denotes, embalmers perform the act of embalming, meaning they remove all body fluids and replace them with embalming liquid to slow down the body’s decomposition for a funeral service.

In most states funeral directors and embalmers require different licenses and training courses. However, it is common for some people to be both depending on their professional interests, their business models, or local ordinances.

So, the next time you’re in a funeral home, or making plans for a cremation service, you will know what to call the industry professional that is helping you. While none of the terms are technically incorrect, its generally accepted now that funeral director is the preferred title.

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