Nicholas David Green

1974 - 2022

Nicholas David Green

Nicholas David Green passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, June 25, at the age of 48.

He was on a fishing and camping trip with wife Paula at the time, and though nothing can lessen the grief of his loss, the fact that he was doing the thing he loved most when he passed is a measure of comfort.

Nick was an avid outdoorsman from a young age. He loved camping, hunting and especially fishing. He was a skilled angler, and usually had the most impressive catch of the day, no matter who he was with.

Nick was a private person who preferred to have a small, tight-knit group of friends and family members in his life. Those who knew him well were always impressed by his kind heart, his infectious laughter and his thoughtfulness.

Nick spent the majority of his career as a framer. He was always good at working with his hands and loved the feeling of accomplishment with a finished project. He especially loved working with friend Dustin Moore.

The second of 4 boys, Nick was a loyal and loving brother. Of Anthony he would say he was always there in a heartbeat if you needed him, any time of day. But he talked too much. Brother Colby and stepfather Ray were 2 of his favorite hunting companions. He was impressed with baby brother Michael’s intelligence. He was protective of his mother, Toni, and loved her Christmas celebrations. Outings with Kenyon and Katherine were something he always enjoyed.
Though he never had children of his own, Nick was a big kid at heart and was a favorite of his nieces and nephews. He absolutely loved spending time with his grandchildren by marriage, Kamber and Maliyah. He was able to take them on their first camping trip and was overjoyed to be able to introduce them to one of his favorite pastimes.

Wife Paula was a partner and best friend, programmed as “my baby” in his cell phone. Neither Nick or Paula believed in “soulmates” as a concept. Instead, they believed in loving each other deeply, understanding each other completely, and working at happiness, together.

From Paula – “May you fish on forever, my love.”

Please join Nick’s family for a celebration of life Sunday, July 17 at Granite Park (2725 Grouse Creek Cir, Sandy, UT 84092) from 2-4pm.

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