• Narnia  Michelle Brockman

Narnia Michelle Brockman

09/05/1993 - 07/31/2021

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Narnia Michelle Brockman

September 5th 1993 – July 31th 2021

There are no words that adequately explain how much we love Narnia, or how absolutely heartbroken we are to lose her. The world can never shine as brightly again. Narnia was amazing and unique in every possible way. She was a Queen. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was an incredibly talented artist. She was a passionate social justice advocate. She was an empowering and hilarious sister. She was an adored and cherished daughter. She was a beloved friend and ally—the kind you only meet once. She was a loving and passionate partner—a skoo.

Most of all, she was an incredible mother to her beloved furry children. She loved her dogs, Disco (Little, Deeco) and Juniper (TuhTuh) endlessly. They always looked forward to giving her kisses, being tucked in to the blankets, and hearing her sing them a lullaby every single night. She fiercely loved her cats, Busby (Buns, Burndz) Basil (Basee), Mimsy (Mubs), Scout (CowCow), and Django. She was the ultimate fur mommy. Wherever she went, her kids went too. Each one of them is a part of her, and she is a part of them, just as she is a part of all of us.

“Yes, her name is Narnia.” This conversation would inevitably happen whenever we talked about our family, an exchange we always looked forward to. “My parents are hippies,” Narnia would explain. Her name is singular and memorable but her personality, presence, smile, and laughter are absolutely unforgettable.

Narnia defies description–there is no way to distill her into a few paragraphs. She was electric. She was magnetic. She was the embodiment of love, kindness, intelligence, and complexity. She loved fiercely and passionately, with her entire self. Her warmth, kindness, generosity of spirit, and compassion were unparalleled. She embodied love and compassion.

Narnia was a brilliant woman. She graduated summa cum laude from Westminster College with a BA in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality concentration. She befriended her professors and absolutely devoted herself to learning. She planned to go to graduate school and to pursue social work as a vocation.

She loved nature, beauty, plants, and flowers. She loved hiking, travelling, and playing outside. She loved to garden, get her fingers in the dirt, and grow tomatoes, squash, herbs, peppers and basil. Gardening gave her the ability to bring the beauty of the world into her home. She was an amazing chef. She loved cooking and eating, especially with the produce that came from her garden.

Narnia is a bombshell,  a total hottie, a classic beauty, a knock-out, a goddess. She exuded sensuality and celebrated being a woman. There will never be another smile to rival Narnia’s smile. It is unforgettable. She smiled with her entire face, her entire self, an absolutely brilliant, radiant smile with sparkling eyes, dimples, and freckles. She had an elegant, epic mane of red curls that refused to be tamed. She had a unique and effortless style, a combination of New York hip, 90’s retro, new age and vintage jewelry, and her beloved “grey suit” rompers. She was a hella fuckin fashion queen. She made heads turn everywhere she went.

Everything that Narnia did, she did with pure love. She poured her heart and soul into her artwork, which was almost always gifted to somebody. Instead of buying impersonal products from the store for special occasions, Narnia would spend hours, days, even weeks, meticulously crafting a piece of art that reflected something special about the recipient, and that contained a piece of herself. A coupon for butt rubs, a photoshoot, a special meal.

She studied art in school and was tremendously knowledgeable and skilled in a plethora of mediums: photography, oil painting, pastels, markers, colored pencils, collage, printmaking, stencils, batik, and her signature Shrinky Dinks. She taught art classes professionally, and volunteered to teach free art classes in urban elementary schools in the community. She shared her love of art with everybody she knew, especially her friends and her nieces and nephews. She kept and displayed every piece of artwork given to her by a child.

Narnia exuded love, passion, and determination in every aspect of her life. Everywhere she went, she fostered community. She knew everybody’s name. Neighbors, kids, clerks, coworkers, classmates, professors, janitors. They all knew and loved Narnia. She made every individual she knew feel seen and appreciated. She absolutely adored children, and they worshipped the ground she walked on.

She was a firebrand and a revolutionary. She challenged opposition with a ferocity that made her a force to be reckoned with in the fight for social justice. She advocated for those around her and for those whose voices were marginalized. She didn’t take shit from anybody and always stuck up for herself and others. Narnia’s passion for social justice and activism was equally matched by her love of comedy and making others laugh.

Narnia had a wonderful, contagious laugh. An easy laugh, a laugh that she could not stifle even in inappropriate moments. She was quick witted, sarcastic, and self-deprecating. She had the uncanny ability to tease people in a way that they felt seen and loved. She was working on material to put together a set of stand-up comedy. There is no doubt she would have had her own HBO or Netflix special one day.

She loved listening to music, going to concerts, singing, and dancing. She would randomly burst into song —anything was fair game: the entire Salt n Peppa discography, doowop, showtunes, Disney movies, children’s cartoons, Lizzo, or 2000’s nu-metal. She had the dance moves to boot.

Narnia, we love you with all of our hearts. We are so profoundly grateful to have had you in our lives. You have touched more lives than you could imagine. You have been a force for positive change, a voice for the unheard, a source of inspiration, and a shining example of love, compassion, humor, intelligence, and beauty. The world is a better place because you were in it. We are all better people because we knew you, love you, and were loved by you.

Narnia was preceded in death by her beloved brother Marcus Brockman. She is survived by her parents, Greg and Michelle Brockman; her sisters Mariah, Sophia, and Melaina; her brother Jordan; her partner Nick Christenson, and many other wonderful family members and friends.

A celebration of her life will be held on Thursday August 12th at Wheeler Farm starting at 6pm.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to a charitable cause in Narnia’s name: suggested organizations: Rescue Rovers, Rape Recovery Center, Communidades Unidas, Utah Pride Center.


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    — O’Gorman Family