Affordable Solutions for Cremations in Murray, UT

urn and a pictureAt Utah Simple Cremations, we’ve built a reputation as a provider of easy, affordable cremation services in the state of Utah. Not only are we dedicated to providing our customers with easy solutions for cremations in Murray, UT, we always ensure that the highest levels of dignity are maintained through the process.

In recent years, more people have been choosing cremation. Families are selecting cremation as an alternative to traditional burial because of the low-cost solutions and the opportunity to reduce the stress of planning a funeral.

Even though cremation has been gaining in popularity, this tradition has been practiced throughout history. The services offered today are largely unchanged from the practices that have been held through the generations.

What to Expect: Cremations in Murray, UT

Cremation is a process that quickly reduces the body to bone fragments by applying intense heat. It’s up to the family to choose what is done after the cremation is complete. Or, some people choose to preplan as a solution to select their desired services, which will be honored after death.

Many people mistakenly think that cremation limits choices after death. But this service actually increases options. Families have a variety of choices for a memorialization with the cremated ashes. Additionally, a contemporary or traditional funeral service can be held if desired. Often, a funeral service followed by cremation is structured in the same way as a funeral service followed by burial. The only difference is that cremation follows the service instead of a casketed burial.

Simple Cremation, Your Way

The term “Simple Cremation” means that you will receive a basic cremation without embalming or a formal viewing. While these services aren’t included in our basic package, they are options that can be added on if the family desires.

The benefit of maintaining simplicity with the cremation process is to reduce the cost of the services. For example, a family might avoid the expenses of embalming, burial, casket purchase and more. Instead, those funds can be used to design a memorable Celebration of Life.

Choosing Utah Simple Cremations means that you have access to an experienced team of funeral and cremation experts. We offer the flexibility for you to choose the most basic package or all-inclusive funeral services as desired by your family.

We never outsource the cremation process. Since our company has an on-site cremation center, we can offer a guarantee that your loved one will never leave our care. Not only do we have state-of-the-art equipment that exceeds all local and state requirements, but we also use detailed systems to ensure quality and reliability.

Available Products and Services for Cremation

One of the benefits of choosing Utah Simple Cremations for cremations in Murray, UT is the complete range of services offered for families. We offer various cremation packages, giving you the flexibility to select the details that fit your traditions and preferences.

Additionally, you’ll find many products available for purchase. Urns are constructed with pewter, cast bronze, hardwood, or other durable materials. We also offer urn vaults, which are required by many cemeteries for in-ground burials. Consider the option to personalize the urn by placing vinyl appliques, engravings, or pictures on the container.

Another option is to choose a temporary container for the ashes until the remains are scattered in the location of your choice. It can be a healing, memorable experience to lay your loved one to rest in a location that is special for your family.

Trusted, Experienced Staff to Assist

Our staff offers years of experience and unbeatable compassion for families in the area. We are certified and highly trained in the industry, ensuring quality results for every service. If you choose Utah Simple Cremations, you can expect a personalized, unique cremation plan that fits the desires of your loved one.

You can choose a basic cremation to simplify the process. This solution is a proven way to manage stress levels. Some families prefer to avoid the headache of designing formal funeral services. Another option is to pair the cremation with traditional funeral services. Utah Simple Cremations is an affiliate of Larkin Mortuary, which means that we offer resources for a full range of funeral services as desired.

As you are evaluating your options, the simplest solution is to talk to an industry expert for information. You are welcome to contact us at any time to schedule a consultation. To keep our costs low, we don’t maintain regular office hours. Instead, we work by appointment, giving you the flexibility to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

What questions do you have about cremations in Murray, UT? If you are interested in more information, then it is time to contact us at Utah Simple Cremations. We are located at 4377 S State St, Murray, UT 84107. Call any time for details about the cremation packages that are offered: (801) 910-5317