Cost Comparison

Is the Utah Simple Cremations the right choice for you? The table below compares Utah Simple Cremations services with the Funeral Director Assisted Arrangements at a Larkin full-service funeral home.

Review the comparison, and if your needs are better met at a Larkin full-service location, please call (801) 363-5781 to make an appointment with a funeral director.

Keeping Costs Low

Utah Simple Cremations offers limited service and a low-cost alternative to funeral director assisted arrangements. Whichever you choose, we look forward to assisting you.

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Cremation Services Utah Simple Cremations Larkin Full Service
Phone consultation Yes Yes
In-person, face-to-face consultation By appointment Yes
Peace of Mind ID System Yes Yes
Viewing prior to cremation (add’l fee) Yes Yes
Insurance payment Yes Yes
Financial assistance No Yes
Priority scheduling Additional fee Yes
Expedited death certificates Additional fee Yes
Obituary assistance -newspapers, web page, radio Additional fee Yes
Veterans assistance – VA Cemetery, military honors Additional fee Yes
Memorial service assistance Additional fee Yes
Urn selection for cremated remains 13 50
Physical location open Saturday and Sunday No Yes
Cost Range Starting at: $800 $2,395


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