Henry Ludwig Vogel

1936 - 2022

Henry Ludwig Vogel

Maj. Henry Ludwig Vogel died at his home in Sandy, Utah on August 29th, 2022. He will be interred at the Utah Veterans Cemetery and Memorial on September 30 at 2 pm.
Dad loved to ski and windsurf. Nothing gave him greater joy than camping, sailing and spending time at Bear Lake. In the winter, he was often found skiing at one of the resorts, until he just couldn't go anymore. The Major lived an incredible life.

Maj. Henry L Vogel didn’t just serve in the US Army. He dedicated his life to serve and honor country.
Henry Ludwig Vogel was born in Ludwigshafen a/Rhein, Germany April 4,1936. He grew up in Germany and Immigrated to the United States in1958, but spoke very little English. He soon joined the Army and did basic training in Ft. Hood, Texas. In 1963 he became a US citizen and was shipped to South Korea. In 1966 he graduated from Officers Candidate School in Ft. Benning, Georgia. After Ranger training, he went to Vietnam in 1968, right after the Tet offensive.

He worked as an advisor to a team in Gen Thran District, in the Delta South of Saigon. His missions, primarily consisted of gathering intelligence by identifying Communist North Vietnamese. After his first tour, he returned to Germany for a brief tour and then back to Fort Benning for Airborne Training. A true patriot, he signed up for a 2nd tour in Vietnam and was assigned to the 76th Vietnamese Ranger Battalion. This time, the missions were classified and as the only US Ranger, he went on several special operations with a Vietnamese Unit and also coordinated US air support.
Their mission was to identify, capture or kill Viet Cong.

Maj. Vogel was never severely injured in battle.
However, the worst injury he sustained was in the United States. While working as a US Army Recruiter investigator, he was carjacked in Mission Viejo, California. He was stabbed in the heart, and left for dead. He survived. A miraculous story in itself.
Major Vogel received numerous medals and awards throughout his Military career. He was Second in his OCS class; he received the Bronze Star, the General Patton Award for Excellence, and a Presidential Commendation for Excellence.
After active duty, Vogel became the Army ROTC teacher for East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he served until retiring.

He is survived by his wife Phyllis Vogel, his sister and her husband Hannelore and Manfred Geelhaar, his son Mike Vogel, grandsons Alex and Nicholas Vogel, Step-Children Blair Bowman, Robert Kemp, Lisa Talbot, Michelle Ackerman, Kevin Kemp, and 13 grandkids and 10 great grandchildren.

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