Where to Find the Best Services for Cremations in Sandy, UT

cremation services in West Jordan UT 300x187When you are laying a loved one to rest, it is essential that you choose a provider you can trust. At Utah Simple Cremations, we promise the best care, respect, and dignity for the deceased, giving your family the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands. You are welcome to reach out any time for information about cremations in Sandy, UT.

Our focus is on offering the highest quality services at prices you can afford. We keep our prices low and pass those savings onto you. If you are looking for affordable solutions without sacrificing quality, then you need to contact our team.

Our caring staff at Utah Simple Cremations recognizes that there isn’t one answer for every family. We aim to provide custom services based on your requests. You’ll find that we offer a variety of cremation and funeral services, giving you the flexibility to choose the solutions that are best for your needs.

Why Cremations in Sandy, UT?

Why should you consider working with a cremation specialist instead of a traditional funeral home? Since we specialize in cremation, we can offer unique options that might not be available from other providers in the area. You can customize the cremation services to honor the memory and desires of the deceased.

Families often feel comforted knowing that we own the crematory used for these services. Instead of outsourcing the cremation like many of the other funeral homes in the area, we promise that your loved one will never leave our care.

There’s no doubt that cremation is quite a bit cheaper compared to traditional burials. A simple cremation means that the body will be reduced to ashes without unnecessary services such as a viewing or embalming. If you don’t choose cemetery burial, then you will save thousands of dollars in funeral costs.

It is also nice to have the option to return your loved one to the earth in a natural way. Cremation gives you the option to lay your loved one to rest in any location of your choice. Pick the place that holds a special meaning to your family. For example, it can be nice to scatter the ashes from the mountain tops or over the water at your favorite lake.

How Can We Keep Our Costs Low?

As you explore the cremation packages offered by our team, you’ll see that we are the low-price leader in the industry. We want to be sure that you have access to affordable services. Every family deserves respectful cremation or burial without spending a fortune.

At Utah Simple Cremations, we use several strategies to keep our prices low for cremations in Sandy, UT. First, the ownership of our crematory means that we don’t need to pay a fee to a third party to complete the services. Eliminating the need for an outside provider helps to reduce the overall costs.

Additionally, we are striving to keep our overhead expenses at a minimum. Our team doesn’t maintain regular office hours each day. Instead of staffing the office during all hours of the day, we offer on-demand services available by phone. You can reach us at any time; we are just a phone call away. When you call, we will gladly schedule a time to meet in person to discuss the available cremation packages.

Finally, you have the flexibility to choose the cremation package that matches your preferred price point. We offer multiple solutions and transparency with our pricing, making it simple to see how much you will spend for the desired services. This information empowers you in selecting the services that fit your budget.

Other Services with Cremation

While many families choose simple cremation without additional services, you always have the option to add other services as desired. Some people choose to plan a regular funeral schedule. The only difference is that cremation will occur after the event instead of burial. We are affiliated with the local funeral home Larkin Mortuary, giving us access to the full range of services if needed for your event.

Other options include a big or small Celebration of Life where you can spend time interacting with other people who cared about the deceased. This gathering is a great opportunity to share memories and remember the person’s accomplishments over the years.

Preparing for Cremation Services

We are here to help if you would like to preplan for an upcoming cremation. Feel free to contact us at your convenience to learn about the services that are offered. We will answer your questions about cremations in Sandy, UT and offer recommendations based on the needs of your family. Visit Utah Simple Cremations, located at 4377 S State St, Murray, UT 84107. Call ahead so that we can schedule an appointment for you to meet with a licensed expert in the industry: (801) 910-5317