Respect and Simplicity for Cremations in West Valley City, UT

cremation services Salt Lake City UT 300x175Utah Simple Cremations is dedicated to providing simple, affordable cremation services in a dignified manner. Our facilities are maintained by fully trained and licensed staff. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and equals or exceeds all state and local requirements. Our many years of experience in providing cremation services ensure that when the need arises your services will be simple, dignified, and affordable—guaranteed.

At Utah Simple Cremations we take great pride in the care we provide. Utah Simple Cremations is proud to be Salt Lake’s most preferred cremation specialists. We are an affiliate of Larkin Mortuary, specializes in helping families who want a simple cremation while still receiving the care and trust for which Larkin is known.

We provide simple and affordable cremation services in a dignified manner. Your loved one will never leave our care and you can have peace of mind throughout the whole process. We do not outsource any part or process of our services. From the moment your loved one is received into our care, we follow a strict, multi-step procedure to log, track, and verify each individual entrusted to us.

You can call us at (801) 910-5317 or send us a message via our contact form for immediate assistance.

Client Testimonials:

Do you need support designing the perfect cremation plan for a loved one? As you are evaluating your options, the best decision you will make is choosing a team that truly cares about your family. Utah Simple Cremations is here to offer the support that you need, giving you access to the leading provider of cremations in West Valley City, UT.

We understand the challenges you are facing during this difficult time. Our goal is to reduce your stress and burden, offering simplicity in the funeral planning process. If you need information about the cremation services that are offered, then we encourage you to call at your convenience.

Full Service or Basic Cremations in West Valley City, UT?

It is common for families to work through traditional funeral service providers when preparing cremation services for a loved one. While these funeral homes offer cremation services, it is important for you to understand that these companies often outsource the cremation portion of the services. Most funeral homes don’t own cremation facilities, which means that another provider needs to be hired to take care of the actual cremation. As a result, your costs will go up.

At Utah Simple Cremations, we promise that your loved one will never leave our care. We have state-of-the-art cremation facilities that are designed to ensure respect, quality, and dignity during every stage of the cremation process. Our team uses a multi-step process that involves tracking, logging, and verifying the services that are completed for every individual.

We are here to provide basic cremation services as needed for your loved one. You can view details of our simple cremation package, which includes all of the necessities without the unneeded services. This option promises affordability without sacrificing respect and dignity.

At the same time, we also have other cremation packages that include a variety of funeral services. For example, some families want the benefit of cremation while maintaining a traditional funeral plan. So, standard funeral services are scheduled, with the exception that cremation will be held after the event instead of burial.

Everything You Need for Cremation Services

Even if you want to keep it simple with basic cremation, there are still a few other details that need to be considered for these services. Utah Simple Cremations offers all of the products and support that might be required for cremations in West Valley City, UT.

We have urns that come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. Consider the beauty of a cast bronze urn, or you might prefer the natural appearance of hardwood. Many of these designs include options for personalization, such as engravings, vinyl lettering, or pictures that are included on the urn. These details give you a beautiful memorial that can be stored at the location of your choice.

We can also support your needs if you prefer to have the ashes buried in a local cemetery. In many cemeteries, it is required to have a vault to hold the urn. We offer the materials that are needed, helping to simplify the process of scheduling the burial.

As you work with our team at Utah Simple Cremations, you’ll find that we are committed to the customization process for end of life services. Every individual is unique, which is why we offer a variety of solutions for funeral and cremation services. We are experts in cremation, and we are also affiliated with a local funeral provider: Larkin Mortuary. As a result, you can access full-service cremation solutions from our team.

Preparing for the Future

Would you like the opportunity to design end of life services for yourself? You don’t need to leave these decisions on your family. Instead, you can work with our team to get started with preplanning. This process allows you to manage the services that will be performed after you are gone. Preplanning is a great solution to make your wishes known so that your family doesn’t have to guess about your preferences.

We’re available by phone when you are ready to schedule a preplanning appointment. We’ll set a time to meet in person. This meeting allows you to learn about the range of services available. You can choose the details of the cremation. Then we will hold this information on file until the services are required in the future.

In addition to preplanning, we are also available to help with immediate care. Sometimes cremation planning is unexpected, so we are just a phone call away. Reach out to us in your time of need so that you can lean on the expertise and advice offered by our team.

You can learn about cremations in West Valley City, UT by talking to us at Utah Simple Cremations. Our local office is easy to access at 4377 S State St, Murray, UT 84107. Call for more information: (801) 910-5317

Cremation FAQs

  • Can the family witness the cremation?
  • How can I be sure I receive the correct remains?
    • We have developed the most rigorous set of operating policies and procedures in order to maximize our level of quality and minimize the potential for human error. Positive identification of the deceased is assured throughout each stage of the cremation process. We only allow certified professionals to operate our cremation equipment.
    • Click here for more information about body identification process we have in place.
  • Are there any laws governing cremation?
    • Cremation regulations vary from state-to-state. Here’s the current law here in Utah.
    • Within 24 hours of death, the State of Utah requires the body be cremated, buried, refrigerated, or embalmed.  The legal requirements are to process the death certificate before the cremation can take place. This usually makes it necessary to refrigerate the body if a service with embalming is not selected. Contact us for more information.